Entering in PERE VENTURA's world is to bet safely for a cavas and a service distinguished by quality and difference. Tradition permeates the area of
If you will visit us we will walk among vineyards, we will discover the cellars silence and we will taste wines and cavas natrre surrounded. We are
Can Bas Domini Vinícola is an historic winery in the center of Penedès region where authentic estate wine is produced. To learn more about our history
The winery, surrounded by vineyards, is a unique venue for the perfect wine and gastronomy experience. Exclusive tours, wine tastings and pairings
Our estate vineyard tradition goes back to the XVII century in ‘Can Figueres’, a rural house in the district of Subirats. The bottles of cava Olivé
From 1850, five generations of winemakers have ruled Gramona, dedicating themselves to the tradition of wines and cava in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, the
Parató, a family business with a young and dynamic spirit, works every day to satisfy its customers and offer top quality products.
It’s a winery located in the heart of Penedès wine region, which story explains the amazing life of its founder.
In the heart of the D.O. Penedès, in this land without limits other than the sea breeze, the Mediterranean sun and mountains growing vine has a significant role.
The experiences for visitors are very diverse and made to get to know the vineyards and high-end sparkling wines.
The family of vinegrowers Recaredo have seduced gastro lovers and the critics with their CORPINNAT
Four winegrower families come together in an unique project to produce terroir wines and cavas based on organic and biodynamic agriculture.
A vineyard with a long history, having in mind the remains of what was once the Via Augusta
VISIT US From monday to saturday we open our doors to those who want to visit us and get to know first-hand not only day to day running of wine estate
Family-run cellar with 300 years of history. We produce sparkling & still wines certified organic & vegan, thanks to biodynamic farming.
Visit our cellars in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia and discover the art of cava production, our traditional cuisine and the Mediterranean culture
Codorníu is synonymous with the history of a family of viticulturists dating back to the 16th century. It is the oldest family business in Spain and one of the oldest in the world. The modernist building of Puig i Cadafalch has been a Historic Artistic Monument since 1976.
To visit the Cava Rovellats State means to discover the history of a land, a family and a personal way of making great long-aged cavas.
A privileged situation. An exceptional environment A careful preparation. A rigorous respect for the environment and a human team excited about their
Albet i Noya, pioneers in organic vineyards and viticulture since 1978. Located in the heart of Sant Pau d’Ordal, Subirats, we have made our terraces and vineyards in the Ordal mountains our most identifying seal. Creativity, innovation, curiosity and respect for nature have been, and will continue to be, our reason for being.
Parés Baltà is a family-run winery since 1790. We practice organic and biodynamic farming to make wines and cavas of the highest quality.
Organic, sustainable and accessible. The winery is located in the Molí Coloma state, a former paper mill house
Our winery is part of a millennial winemaking tradition as our vineyards have been cultivated since 1226.
After a long tradition in cava making, the passion for wines of Joan Carol led him found Cellars Carol Vallès in 1996. He decided to settle in the old
Our winery is deeply anchored in our passion for the environment of the valley of El Montmell, home to our vinyards and our facilities.


Main attractions

Interactive space with audiovisual resources where we explain the town's history, Fil.loxera and Cava.
The permanent exhibition at the VINSEUM is dedicated to the vineyard and wine, and the close connection these have with the Penedès region and Catalonia. Your journey starts on the third floor of the Royal Palace and ends with a cava or wine tasting in the tavern of the museum.
The Castle of the Holy Cross is a fortified area from the medieval period, first documented in 1037
The Museum is located in the original installations of the steam locomotive depot of Vilanova i la Geltrú, some railway constructions done between the

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