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To understand the Penedès region of today, you’ll need to travel back in time and discover its history and heritage. 

A place’s history determines its present. The Penedès region allows you to travel back in time by visiting its museums, monasteries and fortresses, which bear witness to the culture, traditions, art and way of life of those who lived here in the past and who shaped the very special nature of the region today.

Among other sites, we recommend the CIC Fassina (Cava Interpretation Centre), the Vil•la Museu Pau Casals (museum) and the DO Vinífera (archaeological interpretation centre). If you love history and enjoy walking, we recommend a trail of vast natural, cultural and heritage interest through the three major fortresses of the Penedès, the Castells de Marca Penedès, which are nestled amid spectacular landscapes. 


Main attractions

Interactive space with audiovisual resources where we explain the town's history, Fil.loxera and Cava.
Sant Martí Sarroca’s medieval church and castle are regarded as an historic and artistic site of national interest.
The Museum is located in the original installations of the steam locomotive depot of Vilanova i la Geltrú, some railway constructions done between the
The Castle of the Holy Cross is a fortified area from the medieval period, first documented in 1037

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