Let's go outdoors! 7 ways to enjoy spring in Penedès

March 2023

If you have never been to Penedès in spring, you are missing one of its most spectacular seasons. It's nice to see the first buds on the vines, and later, the blossoming of their tiny flowers -yes, vines have a very small flower before giving the fruit- . You may find photogenic yellow fields full of rapeseed, or poppies that cover the margins. Around here we call it gallarets, pripiripips or quequerequecs, after a child's game. Peach fruit trees also stand out with touches of pink flowers, especially in the Subirats area.

Breathing and being present around this landscape is a privilege and that is why we give you 7 ideas to enjoy outdoor activities and spring in Penedès.

1. Viquet, a journey through archeology, history, cava, malvasia and wine

Buying the Viquet (vi+ticket) might be a good adventure this spring. Viquet is a combined ticket that allows you to see the 5 main museums that promote the heritage and culture of wine and cava in Penedès.
The combined ticket has a more advantageous price, since for €15 you can visit the Interpretation Center of Malvasia, the Cava Center, the Interpretation Center of the Iberian Site of La Font de la Canya, the Museum of Archeology of Catalonia and the VINSEUM, Museum of the Wine Cultures of Catalonia.
And don't be in a hurry, you don't have to do everything in one day. You can come and visit us throughout the year!

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2. Reconnecting in our Wine Bars

Spring inspires us to go out more and organize those get-togethers that we have been waiting for a long time. We just need to find a nice place, somewhere outdoors, to enjoy a nice spring day in the sun and where Penedès wine is served. Do you need more clues? Meet up with friends at the Wine Bars of different wineries and share your moment on your social media with the hashtag #penedesexperience. We also leave here a list of restaurants, just in case things take longer than expected...

>> +info Wine Bars - wineries and opening times

>> Restaurants on the Wine Route

3. The RESSONS Penedès festival by Cruïlla

The festival that sounds different has been born! This is the first edition of a festival that brings together the great artists of the curent musical scene and that combines the great protagonists of our environment: wine, vineyards and music.

From Friday 28 to Sunday 30 April, Ressons Penedès has a line-up with 40 performances where there is not one main stage, but 23 different stages inside Penedès wineries and idyllic heritage and natural spaces as well. An opportunity to see your favorite artists in an unusual setting, with a very intimate format.

Buy tickets for the concert, fins accommodtion in Penedès and make it a weekend experience, full of music, cultural and wine tourism, and living like a local thanks to Ressons Penedès by Cruïlla. b

>> +info RESSONS Penedès by Cruïlla


4. Treat yourself to a rural getaway 

The long-awaited Easter break comes in spring, but if you think you need to disconnect before it (or even after), you can treat yourself to a rural getaway when you need it. What can you do in a weekend in Penedès?

Start by booking a place to stay: a farmhouse among the vineyards or a charming hotel, which will be your base of operations and moments of relax. You will surely be so comfortable there that it will feel just like home. If you are interested in exploring the area, you can take a look at Penedès main attractions, to be able to visit them. You can also stop by one of our Tourist Offices so the informants give you recommendations based on what you're looking for.

If the day is gentle, we suggest you take an electric bike ride and enjoy a vineyard trail so you enjoy the blossoming landscape at this time of the year. Obviously, you cannot leave without having an experience or a tour in one of the wineries of Penedès Wine Route. There is nothing more rural than discovering how our land is worked, stepping on the vineyard and tasting the end result: a good glass of your favorite wine.

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5- Take part in local fairs, events and street performances  

Spring is coming and street fairs start blooming. In April, the ViArt arrives in Sant Llorenç d'Hortons, which focuses on ecological, biodynamic and natural products and, obviously, on art. There is also the Microvi, an essential event in Avinyonet del Penedès for those who want to discover microcellars, artisanal processes and seasonal novelties, wine lovers and winemakers alike!

In May, you may find a very unusual, yet attractive wine fair, Riudevins. Locals offer their houses to local small winegrowers, so they open their doors and offer wine tasting there. Vigralla in Llorenç del Penedès is also held in May, mixing the traditional folklore of the gralla instrumet and our wines; and at the beginning of June the wines made in the highest altitude in Penedès meet up at Cota Vins.

In April, we will see the Penedès Modernist Fair in L'Arboç, and May will be full of magic and circus, first in Mediona with the Medimàgic, which always surprises young and older audiences alike, and afterwards in Sant Pere de Ribes with the Fes Plus Chapeu.

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6. Take your picnic to the vineyard

The litlle things are sometimes the ones that give us plenty of happiness. Let's make it easy for a great day outdoors: come to Penedès and have lunch in the countryside! Book an aperitif or a picnic so you can enjoy it on the estate of one of our wineries. Just as simple as that.

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7. A very accessible trail: the Wine Walk 

The Wine Walk is a 3.5km, flat, low-difficulty and accessible linear path that can be done with the whole family, both on foot and by bicycle.The starting point is the Vilafranca del Penedès Tourist Office and reaches Torre de les Aigües, discovering along the way 8 stations that invite you to reflect on the passage of time.

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The Museum is located in the original installations of the steam locomotive depot of Vilanova i la Geltrú, some railway constructions done between the
Sant Martí Sarroca’s medieval church and castle are regarded as an historic and artistic site of national interest.
The Castle of the Holy Cross is a fortified area from the medieval period, first documented in 1037

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