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Parc dels Talls

The Parc dels Talls is located in the municipality of Vilobí del Penedès, in the county of Alt Penedès. The area has specific environmental features and is made up of four small lakes, traditionally called “pèlags”, each with its own particular characteristics. This remarkable, unique landscape is the result of the mining carried out for many years in the area of Vilobí. As someone quite rightly said, “Very rarely does nature restore, with such generosity and beauty, the effects of human action". Such is the Parc dels Talls.

According to historical documents, this kind of mining has been carried out in the municipality of Vilobí del Penedès since the High Middle Ages (11th century), although remains have been found that date this activity back to Roman times. In the 20th century the gypsum industry grew significantly due to the ever-increasing demand for construction materials. In the 1960s, the two main gypsum-producing firms in the town merged and created the company Vilobigyps S.A., in operation for approximately twenty years until, in 1992, it stopped extracting gypsum rock, largely because water had started to leak into the holes created by the mining. After a short period of time, the effects of open mining, blasting and quarrying of rock had formed the four “pèlags” and also the crags where they are located, some over twenty-five metres high.

The appearance of the “pèlags” of Vilobí has been a positive effect on the environment produced by human action and they are therefore a gift that must be appreciated and preserved. That's why, since the end of gypsum mining, an effort has been made to set up and maintain the area so that everyone can enjoy this remarkable environment.


Visiting the Parc dels Talls essentially means enjoying nature first-hand. You can stroll, hike, run or cycle along the different routes proposed. And if you're interested in geology, biology or history, you can also discover all about this wonderful countryside thanks to our expert guided tours. There's also an area set up especially for picnics.


You can also enjoy the Parc dels Talls' superb combination of nature and culture that guarantees a unique and enriching experience. During the summer months, when we all appreciate the fresh air, the dry lake or “Pèlag sec” is turned into an extraordinary auditorium with live concerts of jazz and other kinds of music, as well as poetry recitals.

One of the events during the town's main festival or Festa Major is Indie Night, also held at the “Pèlag sec”. A wonderful opportunity to get to know some great indie bands before they become famous.

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Vilobí del Penedès

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The permanent exhibition at the VINSEUM is dedicated to the vineyard and wine, and the close connection these have with the Penedès region and Catalonia. Your journey starts on the third floor of the Royal Palace and ends with a cava or wine tasting in the tavern of the museum.
Interactive space with audiovisual resources where we explain the town's history, Fil.loxera and Cava.
The Museum is located in the original installations of the steam locomotive depot of Vilanova i la Geltrú, some railway constructions done between the
Sant Martí Sarroca’s medieval church and castle are regarded as an historic and artistic site of national interest.

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