Things to do in Penedès in autumn

Autumn is a season with a lot of activity in Penedès and it witnesses the color of its landscape change completely. At the end of September and beginning of October you can still see the harvest in some vineyards, especially the ones in the highest part of the region, where the latest grape varieties are cropped and go into the wineries to make wine. Therefore, some wineries may still offer activities related to the grape harvest. And if you are not on time, you can always enjoy wine tourism in all its forms, from activities in the vineyards to the heart of the winery.

Moreover, it is hard to deny the allure of autumn in the region, when vineyards shine bright with vibrant colors of orange, red, gold, and yellow. If we add to this that temperatures are usually mild both during the day and at night, it is not surprising that this is one of the seasons with the most visitors in Penedès.

1. Book a wine tasting or food pairing experience in Penedès Wine Route

Let's be honest: one of the things we like the most is setting a table with good wines and good food. In the Wine Route of Penedès there are a large number of wineries and establishments that offer guided tastings, to discover new wines, varieties and learn a little more about everything that comes in a glass. If you want to go one step further, you will even find very complete tasting courses and even workshops to make your own wine!

For those who appreciate quality products, try and learn new things, we recommend booking a wine pairing in a winery and letting yourself be carried away by the experts. You will find classics, such as wine tastings with cheese or ham, and things as surprising as pairings with chocolate, oysters or sushi. And of course, do not miss the opportunity to sit at the table of one of our fantastic restaurants for a gastronomic experience of the highest level!

Take a look at all the wine tasting and food experiences


2. Get to know the museums, art & culture

Obviously, in Penedès you will find places to discover all around  the world of wine, such as the VINSEUM, Museum of the wine cultures of Catalonia or the Cava Center. However, you will also be surprised by other types of venues and experiences, which speak of things as diverse as the first settlers of our territory and their footprint, the making of chocolate, stories of the Spanish Civil War, as in CIARGA or art and artists, such as the Vila Museu Pau Casals, the house in front of the sea of the greatest cellist of all time.

Visiting the museums is a good opportunity to see the Penedès from another, less conventional perspective

3.Challenge yourself to do the Penedès360 route

It is the route that goes across the Penedès region by bicycle, which passes near the sea, among vineyards and through hills. You will find 3 routes designed for different modalities: road bike, MTB and gravel bike. They are all circular and in stages, so that you can decide your pace. 
We confirm that there is no better way to appreciate the landscape and contrasts of Penedès than to travel it by bike, to be able to taste the destination little by little. On the way, you will find vineyards, castles, wineries, natural parks, streams, rural villages and a hundred charming places!

Do you want to challenge yourself and start the Penedès360 this autumn?

4. Get lost in the small villages

Good travelers know that the most beautiful thing about the journey is discovering the small corners and getting lost in the little details. To do this, you have to walk through the towns of Penedès, buy the typical products in the local store and ask locals to tell you their secrets and most beloved places. If you take time to visit the villages, you will also have the opportunity to discover the jewels of our heritage, such as its castles, churches, monasteries and archaeological sites that have guarded these towns, in some cases, for hundreds of years.

In addition, we are fortunate to have a very diverse territory, ranging from sea to hills, so you can find from fishermen villages to high altitude towns, very different from each other, but very charming!

5. From inland to the coast through the Carretera del Vi

Carretera del Vi - The Mediterranean Wine Route  allows wine lovers to discover the old route that connected the vineyards of Penedès with the beaches of Garraf, to bring the wine that was made inland to the port to sell it all over the world.

It is a joint effort of 7 towns and 13 wineries, united to promote their attractions and tourist experiences. It is a 35 km linear route that connects the starting point, the castle of Sant Martí Sarroca, with the beaches of Sitges and goes through the towns of Pacs del Penedès, Vilafranca del Penedès, Sant Miquel d'Olèrdola, Canyelles and Sant Pere de Ribes. Of course, the most interesting thing is to be able to make stops along the way to visit one of the wineries or discover the corners of these villages, among which we find from remains of the Iberians to components of modernism, castles, monasteries and points of local interest. 

The route is designed to be done by car, at your own pace ... and coming back has a reward! Check out the Wine Road Passport and the benefits you can get!

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