Between Montserrat and the Mediterranean Sea

The Penedès

The influence of the sun and of the Mediterranean Sea make the Penedès a privileged territory for winegrowing. In this incomparable setting, enjoying the sun in the vineyards, taking a walk around villages and towns and discovering the great wines offered by local wineries, makes for an exhilarating experience. Welcome to the DO Penedès.
The DO Penedès territory is vast and open and stretches across a long strip of land between the mountains and the sea, halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona. Within this natural environment, our wines are produced by selecting grapes from the finest vines.


Right at the heart of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Depression, between the Pre-Coastal Mountain Range and the small plains of the Mediterranean Coast, is where the grapes of the Penedès mature and ripen. Three distinct zones make up the DO: the Penedès Superior (close to the Pre-Coastal Mountain Range), the Penedès Marítim (between the sea and the Coastal Mountain Range) and the Penedès Central (between the first two zones).


The singularity of the DO Penedès as a region gives rise to the diversity of its wines. A myriad of flavours, aromas, bodies and structures... all the result of the region’s climate and landscape differences and of the richness and variety of its soils, tinged with the green of the mountains and plains or the blue of the waters of the Mediterranean.

More than just lands of vineyards with a centuries-old tradition, the Penedès symbolises an entire wine-growing and winemaking world where the men and women involved understand their work as an art and a commitment.

Distinguishing characteristics

The culture, the character of its inhabitants and its history all make the Penedès a reflection of the little pleasures in life that should be enjoyed to the full. The ideas and the constant search for perfection are the keys that have guided Penedès’ winemakers in their efforts.

Generation after generation, the men and women of the Penedès have handed down their passion for the grapevine and its fruit: from their knowledge of traditional winemaking methods to the use of new resources and new technologies. After a long journey that has not always been a smooth ride, today the wines of the Penedès are known, respected and appreciated around the world.


DO Penedès


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