Núria's Secret. La Villa Casals

She sets foot on the Villa Casals almost every day 

What do some paintings from the 18th century, a letter signed by Albert Einstein, the United Nations Peace Medal and a house facing the Mediterranean Sea have in common? Pau Casals.

In the morning, as almost every day, Núria sets foot in Villa Casals, while the sea breeze from Sant Salvador beach caresses her skin. She feels free just as Pau Casals did every morning when he lived in this magnificent corner of the Mediterranean, until she had to go into exile.

Few people know the secrets that are hidden

Núria always says that Pau Casals is a well-known but unknown character. We all remember him for being the best cellist of all time and for his speech at the United Nations: "I am a Catalan..." but few people know the secrets that are hidden in Villa Casals, now turned into a museum, about the human and musical legacy of the master.

A life based on the principles of freedom, justice and peace

Let yourself be caressed by the sea air, touch the hundreds of pebbles that are on the terrace, facing the beach, listen to the music of one of the best cellists of the 20th century. Pau Casals impregnates you with the commitment and dignity and his house will transfer the joy of a life based on the principles of freedom, justice and peace.


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Sant Martí Sarroca’s medieval church and castle are regarded as an historic and artistic site of national interest.
The Castle of the Holy Cross is a fortified area from the medieval period, first documented in 1037
The permanent exhibition at the VINSEUM is dedicated to the vineyard and wine, and the close connection these have with the Penedès region and Catalonia. Your journey starts on the third floor of the Royal Palace and ends with a cava or wine tasting in the tavern of the museum.
Interactive space with audiovisual resources where we explain the town's history, Fil.loxera and Cava.

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Sant Llorenç d'Hortons
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Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues
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Pau Casals Museum
28th April

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