Miravinya, explore the landscape of wine

Route of viewpoints

Why is Penedès completely covered in vineyards? What did the Romans discover in this land? What led the inhabitants of a thousand years ago to build castles on so many hills? What role does water have in a region that is traditionally dry? What’s the story behind the paper mills? What makes Penedès wine so special?

Take a journey through the geography, nature, culture and history of the landscape of wine. Discover by car what makes the Penedès so special. The destination is just as important as the actual journey. If you follow the route, planned around some high viewpoints (Miravinyes), your outlook on the Penedès will change forever. Visit each point and if you would like to find out more, use the audio guide on our APP.

Get ready to experience this landscape. And if you end up lost, it’ll make it even more of an adventure. 

Enjoy your trip!


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