Sanctuary Mare de Deu de Foix

This is a Romanesque-style building with a single nave covered with a barrel vault, which has been recently restored. It offers spectacular views of the Penedès plain. In the past it was part of the compound of Foix castle. The ruins can still be seen around the church.

The Santa Maria de Foix sanctuary is a Romanesque building with a single nave and barrel vault, which was recently restored. In the past, it formed part of the Foix castle site. The ruins of this site can still be seen in the area surrounding the church and they give a vague idea of the importance of this strategic location in Medieval times. This elevated location, with views over two of the mountain slopes, offers spectacular panoramic views of the Penedés plain. Santa Maria de Foix was the district’s parish church until 1892, when the last priest, Father Pallarols, died violently in the church and the parish was moved to the Cusconar neighbourhood. It was then that this mountain church became the Foix Virgin’s sanctuary and the place where the patron saint of Penedès is worshipped. Each year, on Easter Monday, there is a festival.

Camí del Santuari de Foix s/n
Torrelles de Foix
+34 93 899 10 19
608 260 583 (Sr. Jaume Bel)

Sanctuaire ouvert le premier dimanche de chaque mois de 10h00 à 13h00.

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