Mediona Castle

With more than a thousand years of history, the Mediona Castle monument complex is still inhabited today, capable of hosting a wide range of social, cultural and leisure activities, ranging from relaxation and contact with nature to meetings, workshops, courses, exhibitions and guided tours.

From the 10th century Foundational Hill, probably fortified before by the Saracens, to the Torre Grossa, built in the 15th century by the Duke of Cardona, through the 13th century Templar construction or the 12th century Romanesque chapel and its subsequent 13th-14th century Gothic extension, Mediona Castle has accumulated history and legends, which can now be traced through guided tours.

Visit this secluded castle, a direct witness of the history of Penedès.


  • Full guided tour: 4 Euro
  • Short guided tour: 2 Euro


  • Rental of spaces
  • WC
C/ Castell de Mediona, s/n
+34 648 02 33 99
Advance booking: 
Languages: Spanish
Opening times: 

To visit Mediona Castle it is necessary to arrange a day and time in advance by calling the contact telephone number.

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