Vilafranca del Penedès. Modernist Route

At the end of the 19th century, Vilafranca became a small city. New buildings and squares appeared, designed by architects such as Santiago Güell and Eugeni Campllonch. These were very spectacular buildings, with naturalist decoration on the façades, and the use of exposed brick, stained glass and wrought iron bars and railings on windows and balconies.

Places of interest

1. Decorative and Visual Artworks around the town
2. Crypt of Santa Maria
3. Casa Nogués
4. Casa Serdà Ros
5. Casa de la Vila (Town Hall)
6. Casa Ramona Quer
7. Casa Guardiet
8. Casa Pecero i Tos / Casa Just
9. Casa Miró
10.  Casa Cañas i Mañé

11.  Casa Galtès i Mainé - Mascaró Cava Winery
12.  Casa Fortuny
13.  Casa Berger de Balaguer
14.  Casa Guasch Estadella
15.  Casa Mercè Torras
16.  Casa de la Festa Major - Annual Festival Museum
17.  Casa Vicens Mestre
18.  Asil Inglada Via (Old People's Home)
19.  Casa Via Raventós / Cal Figarot
20. Casa de la Font Rodona

Information and bookings

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Trade and Tourism Board
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