We learn from time…we build on a history


No interferences. Recaredo is a family of vinegrowers who specialize in reflecting their region as honestly and transparently as possible in their wines. They make only vintage Brut Nature sparkling wines (zero dosage), 


Mediterranean Character. They are committed to capturing the landscapes of Penedès in a bottle. That is what drives them to cultivate family-owned vineyards planted with 100% Mediterranean varieties.


Xarel·lo, ¿where do the limits lay? Recaredo team see themselves as “Xarel·lists”, a term coined to describe those who interpret and explore the virtues of the Xarel·lo grape variety. Xarel·lo provides freshness, lively acidity and a rich array of nuances.


A matter of time. They are passionate about making sparkling that can be aged for years in the darkness and silence of their cellar. Wines of gastronomic character marked by the imprint of the long ageing: from 30 months to 20 years.


Pioneers in biodynamic viticulture. A great wine is one that reflects its land of origin. This is the reason why Recaredo practises dry farming, applying the principles of biodynamic agriculture, a step beyond organics. They cultivate their vineyards without herbicides or insecticides, using only elements of natural origin.


C/ Tamarit, nº 10
Sant Sadurní d'Anoia
938 910 214


1 - 15
Languages: EnglishSpanish
Opening times: 

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A chance to learn firsthand about the vocationcommitment and passion of a family of biodynamic winegrowers committed to excellence in long-aged wines and to achieving the truest possible expression of the land.

By joining BIOSPHERE commitment, we work under the principles of guarantee for an economic, socio-cultural and environmental balance committed to sustainability.

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