Hatsukoy by El Centre


EL CENTRE restaurant is situated in a privileged region of Catalonia, El Penedès, located in the town of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia capital of cava, the old hall recovers Centre presenting a new space designed and engineered especially in shaping the same air of the times and moments of maximum splendor of the town where he had formerly done theater, film and music, thus wish to pay tribute to the memory of this place that would have us travel for a while in the past, enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, finding a great sense of sophistication reflected in the small details of their materials.

Gastronomy is the axis based on this project offering menu has behind his stove with a team of young and experienced cooks who enjoy cooking and each dish prepared, putting back on the table taste of life with a touch of creativity itself, cooked at low temperature and elaborate dishes.

Textures, colors and flavors are paramount in our dishes, cooked with the best ingredients of Japanese cuisine and continuing forward with our own proposals of the season, a thought delight all our senses environment.

Comfortable food is what we want to offer in this restaurant with a gastronomic proposal full of very renowned Japaneses tastes, giving a vital importance to local producers and creating a network that nourishes the pantry with local products that make have the possibility They are cooked and served in its best state, at the exact point of taste and maturity.

C/ Indústria 56
Sant Sadurní d'Anoia
+34 93 891 10 51
Total capacity: 
Languages: EnglishSpanish
Opening times: 

Restaurant hours
lunch: Tuesday to Sunday 13.00h to 15.30h

dinner: Thursday to Sunday 20.00h to 22.00h

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