Masia Cal Dragano


Masia Cal Dragano, is located in the neighbourhood of the Rovira Roja, who belongs to the municipality of Sant Martí Sarroca.

Coordinates GPS 41.405913,1.641383

From Vilafranca del Penedès take towards Sant Martí Sarroca by the BP-2121. At km 7 turn right towards Guardiola de Font-rubi by BV-2151 road, at Km 2.8 you will find some oak trees, turn right, 150 meters from the main road, you will find the house next to Cal Rumà. If you come by Guardiola de Font-rubi or Bellver, the references to arrive are the same, BV-2151 road, Km 2.8 oaks, 150m next to Cal Rumà.

Barri La Rovira Roja s/n
Sant Martí Sarroca
34 670 759 145
Accommodation type: 
Rural accommodation
Total capacity: 
14 persones
Languages: Spanish
Type of rental: 
Complete rental
Double rooms: 
5 habitacions
Triple rooms: 
0 habitacions
We not close for holidays. It is open all year.
Biosphere committed companyCommitment of information to the tourist
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