Els Cups


Els Cups is situated in the southern part of Sant Vicenç de Calders. It is an independent farmhouse of the XIX century which has been completely renovated in 2012. However, the authentic elements that connect the building to its past, the countryside, have been retained. You can find the old tools of the field, as well as a wine press and two wine collecting vats(cups). This house survived thanks to the effort and perseverance of humble farmers that knew how to appreciate the natural resources of the region while expanding their heritage, the fruits of which you and us can enjoy today. Els Cups is excellently situated both next to the mountains and the beach, which makes it ideal for various activities. The house accommodates 8 persons, with the possibility for 3 additional extras.

Del Pou, 33-35 Sant Vicenç de Calders (El Vendrell)
El Vendrell
977 678 144
650 959 794
Accommodation type: 
Rural accommodation
Total capacity: 
11 persones
Languages: EnglishFrenchItalianSpanish
Type of rental: 
Complete rental
Double rooms: 
1 habitacions
Triple rooms: 
3 habitacions
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