Casa del Pi


Casa del Pi is name originates from Pi de la Planxa, a nearby century-old pine tree named by locals. This monumental pine tree, which is next to the house, is 16 meters high with a 13-inch-diameter trunk. The name of this pine tree originates because it was protected with a metal plate that surrounded it to avoid damage during transhumance.

Casa del pi borders three townships: on the northeast side with Font-rubí (Alt Penedès), on the west side with La Llacuna (Anoia) and on its south side with Torreles de Foix (Alt Penedès).

It is a charming and welcoming old house with numerous comfortable outdoor areas with forest views in every direction.

On the ground floor there is a large dining room and living room equipped with TV, stereo and reading area. In front of the house we have a vegetable garden and a henhouse that provide fresh vegetables and eggs every morning. Dogs are very welcome as long as they are trained well behaved.

Coll de la Barraca, 2
Accommodation type: 
Total capacity: 
11 persones
Languages: EnglishFrenchSpanish
Type of rental: 
Room rental
Double rooms: 
2 habitacions
Triple rooms: 
1 habitacions
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