Cal Tomàs


Renovated natural stone villa for 10 people, preserving all the historical elements and decorated with antique furniture and art pieces from around the world, without sacrificing the comforts of the 21st Century.
Its owners have been in the Penedès for generations, and they want to share with their select clients their precious heritage.
Located in the center of Castellet, a medieval village presided over by the 10th-century castle, it has views of the vineyards on one side and the Foix reservoir on the other. The surroundings invite you to take a walk or ride on a bike.

By adhering to the BIOSPHERE commitment we work under the principle of guaranteeing  the economic, socio-cultural and environmental commitment with sustainability.

Castell, 2, Castellet
Accommodation type: 
Rural accommodation
Total capacity: 
10 persones
Languages: EnglishFrenchSpanish
Type of rental: 
Complete rental
Double rooms: 
5 habitacions
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