Penedès Wine Route · Wine tourism club

Penedès Wine Route · La Ruta del Vi is a project managed by the official Penedès Tourism Promotion Office and based on the region's winemaking identity. A project designed to introduce people to the region, its culture, its heritage and much more.

The Penedès Tourism Promotion Consortium is a regional organisation which, since 1999, has been responsible for managing and planning tourism strategy in the Penedès. This is carried out in direct coordination with local businesses, town councils, public and private organisations and associations and tourist management bodies at the level of province and state. Tourism is vital in order to enhance and promote the region.

The local organisations currently represented in the Promotion Office as follows: 3 county councils, 3 private organisations, 36 town councils, 202 private companies belonging to the Penedès Wine Tourism Club and Barcelona Provincial Council.

The principles that underlie our project are consensus, involvement and representation of the whole region, both the public and the private sector. The key aim is to develop tourism based on creativity, high quality, sustainability and knowledge. Wine tourism helps us to achieve this goal and gives us the chance to position the Penedès in the tourism market with its own particular product and identity, promoting the values of the region, its countryside, its gastronomy and its culture.

Our main strategic aim involves the Penedès becoming a leading destination. Promoting tourism will provide us with a vital tool to raise awareness of the brand while also ensuring our commitment to high quality, professional and sustainable tourism, attracting visitors with singular, authentic and distinctive services and proposals.

Penedès Wine Tourism Club

The Penedès Wine Tourism Club currently has 200 members representing different sectors, creating a network of establishments committed to attending to visitors and ensuring the quality of their tourism services.

  • 75 wineries
  • 4 wine producers
  • 31 restaurants
  • 45 accommodation options (hotels, rural accommodation and bed & breakfast)
  • 5 wine centres, shops and tastings
  • 4 local products
  • 5 museums, places of culture and experiences
  • 13 tourism service providers
  • 3 transport firms
  • 4 travel agencies
  • 12 tourist information offices
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