El Camí del Riu - The Stream Path

A great way to enjoy the Penedès region in summer

This path along the stream (Camí del Riu) is an itinerary of approximately 38.5 km through the basins formed by the Mediona-Riudebitlles, Lavernó and Anoia Rivers, enabling you to explore the surrounding areas of the municipalities of Subirats, Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Torrelavit, Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, Sant Quintí de Mediona and Mediona.

There are two different available routes: one to follow on foot and one by bicycle, and the two are interconnected.

Activities and different stops that you can make all along the route, many of which are associated with the streams and the route itself. We suggest a specific order, going down along the Lavernó stream and then going up a section of the Anoia and Mediona-Riudebitlles streams, though you can follow the route in any order you wish.

Each municipality offers circular itineraries, enabling you to follow the Stream Path in stages.

Enjoy the different proposed sights, the areas, the landscape, and the local products of the land. How? Simply stop off to visit the small producers (wineries, etc.), restaurants, or do some shopping in the small local stores, and enjoy these products right there, on-site. Your visit is sure to taste that much better!



The River Road begins in Can Cartró (Subirats) and in this initial section, it runs alongside the banks of the Lavernó River to Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, where it spills into the Anoia River.

If you leave your motorhome in the Lavern (Subirats) RV area, you can walk the Itinerari de l’Aigua (“Water Trail”) (14.7 km) proposed by the Subirats Tourism Office. This circular walking route includes a section of the River Road. Because it is shaped like an eight, this route can easily be shortened.

If you prefer, you can also enjoy this itinerary by bicycle. If you did not bring your own bike along, no worries: just next to the RV area, you’ll find EnobicingPENEDÈS, where you can rent a bicycle. They also offer guide services for this and /or other routes.

The Subirats Tourism Information Office is only 100 m away, just next to the Lavern-Subirats train station.

Be sure not to leave without tasting: The wines and cavas made here or the local peach variety known as the “Préssec d’Ordal”. You can purchase these peaches at the Mercat del Préssec d’Ordal (literally, the “Ordal Peach Market”), which is held from June to August (approximately) in Sant Pau d’Ordal. You will have to drive over, but if you like peaches, the trip will definitely be worth the drive.

+info at:  Subirats Tourism Office


The road continues to Sant Sadurní, and from there it runs upstream alongside the Anoia River until you reach its confluence with the Bitlles River.

Hence, we recommend starting the second day’s outing from the Sant Sadurní d’Anoia RV area.

The lake, Llac de Can Codorniu, Sant Sadurní d’Anoia

Though the River Road does not run through here, this is an important water site, as it is an old

reservoir located on the Raventós i Blanc estate. This reservoir provides the water that is used for the production of the cavas. Today it is also a habitat for flora and fauna alike, which is surprising given its proximity to the town. The lake and its immediate vicinity form part of the Catalan Government’s Inventory of Wetlands.

The lake is 700 m from the RV  area, making it accessible by foot, with a nice flat walk amid the vineyards. This is a circular section of Itinerary 2 Camí d’Espiells (9.15km), starting and ending in front of the RV park.

If you want to take a stroll through the heart of town, your walk will be around 1.7 km long.

More unique features? A visit to the Cava Interpretation Centre (CIC Fassina), which also houses the Sant Sadurní Tourism Office.

Be sure not to leave without tasting: The wines and cavas made here, as well as the chocolate, Xocolata de Cal Simón (Simon Coll).

+info at:  Sant Sadurní Tourism Office




Day 3 sets out from the Sant Pere de Riudebitlles RV area

Water Interpretation Centre, Torrelavit

This centre displays the close ties between the Riudebitlles, with its tributaries, and the history and landscape of Torrelavit. Here you will discover the importance of the river in the town life and the different domestic uses of its water, through the fountains and water collection structures; in irrigation,

through wells, dams and irrigation channels; and in industry, with the construction of twelve paper mills that made Torrelavit an important hub of the paper industry between the 17th and 20th centuries. http://aiguadetorrelavit.cat/

To visit this centre, you can set out on a hike from the Sant Pere de Riudebitlles RV area. Much of the trail runs along the River Road, and you may wish to take the bike trail out and return along the footpath (keep in mind that there is more shade along the footpath trail).

Be sure not to leave without tasting: The local wines and cavas, yet particularly the flatbread from Cal Camilo.


Again, starting at the Sant Pere de Riudebitlles RV area. We encourage you to visit the town and explore another section of the River Road.

Visit to the old quarters, Sant Pere de Riudebitlles

Any stop in the town of Sant Pere requires a stroll through the old quarters. Allowing yourself to get lost amid its narrow streets is a total pleasure. This town is also very tied to the paper industry and you can still see the old irrigation canals that bring water to mills and orchards. You may wish to combine your visit with another stroll along the River Road, this time exploring all the activity along the river as it passes through the town, by stopping at the spring known as Font del Quadres and the banana field, Plàtans del Soler and beyond.

Be sure not to leave without tasting: The locally crafted beer, and you must stop into one of the local restaurants for a bite.

+info at: Sant Pere de Riudebitlles


The Sant Quintí de Mediona RV area is the starting point for day five.

Les Deus, Sant Quintí de Mediona

The site of Les Deus was formed by water, which has shaped its relief into ponds, deep pools, a cavern, and different springs (or deus) that lend this place its name, one of which boasts 23 different upsurge spots. You are sure to enjoy a visit to the cavern, a walk along the botanical route or the excitement of the adventure circuits. The park also offers a snack bar-restaurant service, as well as a picnic service.

Les Deus is a short 500 m walk from the Sant Quintí de Mediona RV area.

The RV area also provides easy access to a walk along the River Road. Enjoy wandering through the narrow streets of this medieval town, which you’ll reach in just minutes by following the old road to the water collection structure (“camí vell cap al safareig”)  , and then the street Carrer del Sol de la Vila will give you access to the street Carrer Enric Prat de la Riba or another street, Carrer de Baix...

Be sure not to leave without tasting: The local specialty products, the most famous of which are the carquinyolis, the traditional Catalan biscotti.

+info at:  Sant Quintí de Mediona Tourism Office



The last day starts from the Mediona RV area

The fortress, Castell de Mediona, Mediona

Crowning the ancient road that connects Sant Joan with Sant Quintí de Mediona (Alt Penedès), for centuries this fortress presided over a natural pass between the Mediterranean Sea and the inland areas of Catalonia. Today, this monument is an essential landmark for outings of all sorts, including hikes (Santes Creus-Montserrat or the River Road), horseback trails and bicycle trails, with everything necessary for a rest stop.

If you wish to visit the fortress, you will need to book in advance from the Sant Joan de Mediona RV area. Nevertheless, the road is not suitable for motorhomes. For this reason, we recommend you explore it through the Origins of Mediona route, which sets out from there. From the RV area, you will have a mere 10-minute walk over. Please remember to call the fortress ahead of time to book your tour.

Be sure not to leave without tasting: The local specialty foods, the craft beer, and the local wines, bread and cured meats. In the case of the craft beer and wines, tastings are offered as part of the guided tours of the brewery and at most of the wineries in the area.

+info at:  Mediona Tourism

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