At the dining table, accompanying the wines and Cavas of the Penedès, there is also room for a rich and tasty local cuisine. The most traditional cuisine is based on poultry, presided over by Muscovy duck and Penedesenca chicken. The Alt Penedès district has always treated its poultry with the utmost care, ensuring careful breeding and wholesome natural food. It is no surprise, then, that Penedès eggs were once considered the most expensive in Catalonia and that the Fira del Gall (Rooster Fair) is still held today. Restaurants menus usually include fine poultry dishes along with other seasonal recipes, such as Xató, a salad of curly endive, cod, anchovies and olives with a special sauce, also typical of the districts of the Baix Penedès and the Garraf.

Typical, too, of the Baix Penedès district are Coques enramades, a kind of flatbread decorated with vegetable produce from the land of the Penedès, and meat or fish.

Not to be missed are the traditional patisserie offerings, starting with the sweet Coques (flatbreads) of Vilafranca, the Gelidencs (small sponge cakes with burnt cream) of Gelida, the Coques de les Vidues (“Widows’ flatbreads) and Noiets (meringue cakes covered in chocolate) of Sant Sadurní and the Carquinyolis (almond biscotti) of Sant Quintí or of Torrelles de Foix, the Bufats (almond pastries) of the Baix Penedès, the Orelletes (crispy, thin ear-shaped flatbreads) and other specialities accredited by different bakeries, as well as the specific offerings of the master chocolatiers.

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