An immersion in the world of biodynamic viticulture.
Repeats every month on the 18 of April until Sun Nov 28 2021. Also includes Sun Jun 06 2021, Sat Jul 10 2021, Sat Aug 28 2021, Sat Sep 25 2021, Sun Oct 31 2021.
Sunday, 6 June, 2021
Lugar Finca el Maset
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Welcome and presentation of the history of the Massana family and of the organic certified Winery ;  we will discover where the philosophy of biodynamic farming  comes from and since when is it  implemented on the Eudald Massana Noya estate.

We will walk through the vineyard, commenting on the vegetative cycle (depending on the season) and on the works carried out at this time.

Back at the winery, the uses of medicinal plants and other materials that are used to treat the vineyard will be explained, we will see what are the cow horns used for and some guidelines will be given to understand the lunar calendar.

We will finish with a commented tasting of 4 wines and / or sparkling wines in the garden of the farmhouse.

Duration: 2h-2:30h   //   Price: 30€/pp


Visits dates:

Saturday March, 27th

Sunday April, 18th

Sunday June, 6th

Saturday July, 10th

Saturday August, 28th

Saturday September, 25th

Sunday October, 31st

Sunday November, 28th




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